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Monday, November 5, 2012

Off Again

Home barely a week and tomorrow we hit the road again!  Just a short trip this time.  We are leaving tomorrow morning (Election day but we voted early) and meeting four other couples in Eureka Springs, AR, where we will spend a few days before visiting Branson, MO.   

We will be going to some shows in Branson, however, after checking the schedule of shows it seems that many of them have a Christmas theme, being that time of year I suppose.  I really don't care to attend several shows in which a lot of the music will be repeated.  How many times do I want to pay to hear White Christmas performed? 

Some of the shows I am interested in are a Patsy Cline tribute show, a George Jones show (the actual George Jones himself), a Hank Williams tribute show, a Mickey Gilley (himself) show, a Motown show, a Neil Diamond tribute show, the Oak Ridge Boys (themselves), and an Eagles tribute show.  I'll have to narrow the list down as each show costs around $40 a ticket, so that's $80 a show.

After Branson, Carol Ann and I will be going home the long way, through Searcy, AR.  We are going to Searcy to see the "Fog Doctor" and have the windows in our motorhome defogged.  They are double pane windows and after a few years it isn't unusual for the gaskets to leak and the insides of the windows to become "fogged".  The "Fog Doctor" removes the windows, takes them apart, cleans them, rebuilds them with a new gasket, and re-installs them in the motorhome - usually in one day.  We will arrive in Searcy and park at the Fog Doctor's place (full hook ups) the evening before our appointment.

Once back home in Nacogdoches for a week, we will take off again for a rally in Johnson City, TX.  After that we plan on staying home until February when we go to a rally in Lafayette, LA for the five days of Mardi Gras.  Lafayette's Mardi Gras celebration is second only to that of New Orleans.   Should be fun.

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