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I began this blog as a vehicle for reporting on a 47-day trip made by my wife and me in our motorhome down to the Yucatan Peninsula and back. I continued writing about our post-Yucatan travels and gradually began including non-travel related topics. I often rant about things that piss me off, such as gun violence, fracking, healthcare, education, and anything else that pushes my button. I have a photography gallery on my Smugmug site (

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

King Gabriel's Parade

I just completed a post of some length bringing you up to date on our adventure. I handed the iPhone to Carol Ann and asked her to take my picture as I sit here in my Mad Hatter's hat awaiting the parade. Not only was she unable to take the photo, but the post that I had spent so much time typing with a thumb was gone and it is too much trouble to attempt a reproduction on my iPhone. Once I am back at my laptop I will write more and include photos.

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