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Saturday, October 5, 2013

How Do You Feel About Blind Eunuchs?

The United States System of Law evolved from what is called English Common Law, which was used in the colonies before the American Revolution.  English Common Law has been around in some form or the other for more than 1,000 years, a long time before the American Colonies  But was there ever any significant foreign influence on the English Common Law?   Yes there was.  After the Norman Conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066, William made a few changes in the English Common Law System.  These changes served to connect England more closely with continental Europe and lessen the Scandinavian influence.

William added a set of ten laws to the English system.  These laws went a long way towards establishing the English class system.  However, one of the ten Norman laws has vacillated greatly over the past 1,000 plus years and still causes huge debates throughout the United States today.  I guess you could say that William started it.  William was against capital punishment as evidenced by this tenth law, which read, "I also forbid that anyone shall be slain or hanged for any fault, but let his eyes be put out and let him be castrated."

I'm thinking that a little Norman law, particularly Number Ten, might not be a bad thing these days.  Poking out eyes and castrating someone wouldn't cost the people a fraction of what we now spend attempting to execute someone.  And wouldn't it be one hell of a crime deterrent!  I would also seriously doubt that a blind eunuch would constitute much of a threat to anyone after the sentence was carried out.


Bill said...

Somewhat contrary to the Eighth Amendment... but, I get your point.

Croft Randle said...

I have actually not given much thought to blind eunuchs but I am comforted to know that in Iowa at least, they can carry guns.