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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lipstick on an Alligator, The Sequel

Since my last post, Lipstick on an Alligator, March 2, 2014, I have been accused of editorializing, distorting facts, and “Baja Bashing.” I was also told that it was not my place to write about someone else’s accident and, to add insult to injury, I seem to have distressed someone in Mexico because negative accounts such as mine are hurting Mexico’s tourist industry.

I have no desire to misrepresent any facts and I did offer to correct any inaccuracies that may have been in my last post. However, the individual making those accusations would rather not provide me with any corrections to the story of Hugo’s accident. He feels that it is not his place to write about someone else’s accident and I respect that.

I do apologize to Hugo for any errors that may have been made in my retelling the story of his accident. Yes, it was an accident. I thought that was made clear in recounting the story. There was no crime involved.

I checked the latest State Department travel warnings for Mexico and there are none for Baja California Sur (the southern half of the peninsula). However, tourists in the northern half are urged to exercise caution, particularly at night. It is true that a majority of the crime is near the border, particularly in and around Tijuana, as mentioned in my previous post. I will stand by the crime rates quoted in that post. Once you run the gauntlet through the border area you should be in the clear.

As far as the brief summary of unpleasant things experienced a couple of years ago while on an RV caravan to the Yucatan and back, that all happened, just as I wrote. I was there.

Perhaps I should have divided the post into two separate posts. One to tell the story of Hugo’s accident and the other to discuss Baja’s crime rate and how a very successful public relations program has helped shift people’s perceptions of the Baja from major crime to the art and food scene.

But please, don’t let me stop anyone from going on a road trip to Baja just because I am too much of a wimp to ever go to Mexico again. Make your own decision.


Bill said...

Notwithstanding Hugo's story, what you personally experienced on your trip was firsthand and that can't be disputed. You are certainly entitled to opine on the risks. Even if Hugo's incident was an "accident", it is certainly scary being jailed as a result.

Robert & Carol Ann Martin said...

Thanks, Bill.

Croft Randle said...

I re-tell other people's stories as well. If I am unsure of the facts, I just leave the other person's name out. Yes, all this stuff did happen to you. We nicknamed it "The Bad Luck Caravan". Folks on that caravan from hell had more bad luck in a few short weeks than we had in three and a half years of driving through Mexico

Anonymous said...

Dear Wimp,

Stay in America, enjoy civil rights and habeous corpus. If that is being a wimp then sign me up.

Wimp Stoney