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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Gods Must Be Angry

Three years ago at this time I was on a 47-day RV caravan in Mexico (see archived posts from January and February of 2012). Because of events that occurred on that trip I swore to never, ever, return to Mexico. That was before my son and his fiancé decided to get married in Cabo San Lucas on the southern-most tip of the Baja Peninsula. My son told me I had no choice. I had to attend the wedding. I can assure you that we will not be traveling by RV this time. We will fly in and out and not venture too far from the resort area while there. So, tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon we leave for Houston to spend the night before boarding a Wednesday morning flight to Cabo. We will return next Tuesday.
There should be over one hundred friends and family traveling to Cabo for the wedding and it will be a party. Can you think of any other reason to wed in Cabo than because it will be one big party? The wedding will take place Saturday afternoon on the beach in front of the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. The rehearsal party will be the night before. The partying will actually start on Thursday night when a bus transports the early arrivals into town for dinner at Maro's Shrimp House followed by a visit to the Giggling Marlin Bar & Grille (emphasis on the "Bar"). This is an establishment whose motto is, "If our food, drinks, and service aren't up to your standards. Please lower your standards." Poor sentence structure and all. Return transportation to the hotel is on our own and will probably be a very early return for me.  
Cabo tourism websites boast anywhere from 300 up to 360 days of sunshine a year with the average daily temperature being a very warm 78°F. This time of year, however, it should be a most pleasant 72 °F to 75°F with nighttime temperatures in the mid 60's. Cabo's annual rainfall is slightly less than 10-inches a year with only 0.08-inches of that amount falling during the month of February. The weather for the wedding festivities should be perfect. Right? Well, I just checked the Cabo weather report. Rain is forecast to begin on Thursday and continue through Monday. The day with the greatest chance of rain, a 70% to 80% chance, is Saturday, the wedding day. 
This is all my fault. By breaking the vow I made to never return to Mexico, I have angered the gods and they are threatening to exact their revenge on this entire event by sending a plague of rain down upon the partygoers. Even with this threat hanging over the wedding, my attendance is still expected and required. The bride-to-be has stated that she wants to get married on the beach in Cabo and she was not moving the wedding indoors or having a tent erected. The wedding will be on the beach come rain or come shine. Let's hope it's shine.

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Bill said...

You should be in a safe and controlled environment. Have fun.