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Saturday, March 5, 2016


After a short trip of 70 miles this morning, we arrived in Roswell, NM. There is only one reason why we decided to include Roswell on our travel itinerary. Curiosity about the “Roswell Incident.” The alleged crash, in 1947, of an extraterrestrial craft in which the alien crew died. Sixty-nine years later the story’s veracity is still hotly debated. I intend to visit the UFO Museum and Research Center this afternoon and make a full report of my findings in my next post. I can only imagine what type of individuals may work in the Research Center.

Meanwhile, I will finish setting up the motorhome for our brief stay. I really should make checklists for arrival and departure tasks, as I tend to forget things at times. In our twelve years of RVing I have knocked off three TV antennas that I neglected to lower and a storage bay door that was left open. I have also damaged two awnings, which required replacements, and have been towed out of two ditches because of misjudged turns. Those are only some of the things I can remember at the moment, I’m sure there have been others. Yesterday I pulled out of our site at Fool Hollow State Park and when I glanced in the rear view mirror, noticed our power cable dragging along behind the motorhome. Fortunately, it was not damaged. I was afraid to go back and check the utility pedestal to which it had been attached. I hope there is no bill for damages waiting for us when we get home.


Croft said...

Although I believe something happened on that ranch in 1947, the museum is very lacking in displays. It is mostly composed of newspaper clippings of the event and a continuous showing of the movie of the incident.

We were traveling in the US at the time of the crash. I was only 2 and have no memory of it but my dad talked about what he had heard on the truck radio for many decades after.

Bill said...

We also found the "museum" to be unfulfilling and a bit of a tourist trap (not to be a spoiler).
We have a written checklist before we take off with the RV. Lesson learned.