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Friday, May 6, 2016

Tips for the RV'ing Impaired

Announcing a NEW MAGAZINE for those being bled dry by RV maintenance, service, repairs, insurance, and monthly payments........

Tips for The RV'ing Impaired

(or Help for the Impaired RV'er)

Written in simple language and without any ten-dollar legalese words, these articles use the shortest words possible to help you understand how to "DO IT YOURSELF!!" We use straight, plain English and lots of pictures (many of which are suitable for framing!)
This month's issue features the following informative articles, complete with photos and simple step-by-step instructions. Here are a few of the articles you will read if you subscribe NOW.
·      “Keeping Your Beer Safe,” How To Prevent Your RV Refrigerator From Exploding If You Can’t Level Your RV
·      “The Skunk Is Your Friend,” How To Get Rid Of Skunk Odor In Your RV
·      Keeping Water Snakes Out Of Your Gray Water Tank
·      “That One Has Some Tread Left!” Saving Money With Used RV Tires
·      “I’ll Drive For A While,” Changing Drivers at 60 MPH
·      “The Worst Smelling Sites In The Country,” Where To Dump Your Black Water Without Getting Caught

Subscribe now. Don’t miss an issue. Here are a few of the articles the magazine will feature in coming months!
·      “12345, ABCDE, PASSWORD, etc.” 100 Of The Most Common Wi-Fi Passwords In Use Today
·      “Don’t Mess With A Litter Box,” Teaching Your Cat To Use One Side Of The Double Sink
·      “Drain In The Rain,” Draining Your Gray Water Tank While Driving In The Rain
·      “Arrive Late and Leave Early,” Avoid Those Pesky RV Park Fees
·      How To Find Free Electricity in Walmart Parking Lots (includes easy to follow instructions for CPR)
·      Free Overnight Parking Spots With Wi-Fi Passwords For Nearby Businesses
·      Tapping Into Your Neighbors Satellite Receiver Cable
These and many more great DIY tips for saving money and enhancing your RV experience. Subscribe before midnight tonight and receive the Early Bird Bonus Pamphlet, “How To Purchase Slightly Used RVs in Mexico With Cash At A Fraction Of The Original Cost”! 

This informative pamphlet includes directions to Federal Police impound lots throughout Mexico. There you will meet El Comandante who will show you his great selections of barely used RVs. With the simple “Pay and Drive” plan, just agree on a low cash price and avoid all of the confusing contracts, registration documents, and insurance policies. Simply hand over the cash and they hand over the keys! For a slight extra fee El Comandante can provide you with some very official-looking papers for you to insert your name in the blank spaces. (Note: It is recommended that you re-enter the USA after dark at one of the smaller, rural, border crossings identified on the provided map. If you are really concerned, you may first wish to have your RV repainted at one of the many El Comandante-recommended Mexican paint shops near the border).

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Geez... that felt like a "been there, done that" moment.