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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Russian Connection?

Since I began my blog in December of 2011 I have had a total of 83,047 hits (pageviews) as of today, December 20, 2016. That’s an overall average of about 16,609 a year or 45 per day. Those page views came mostly from the United States, Russia, Canada, China, Mexico, France, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Poland, in that order of frequency. There have been a smattering of pageviews from Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, India, Thailand, and Indonesia.

But why so many pageviews from Russia? There have been 1,625 pageviews from Russia in the past 30 days with half of those, 833, being in the past 7 days alone. An average of 54 per day during that time. There have been 60 pageviews so far today. What is it about my blog that seems to attract so many Russian readers? I have written nothing about Russia or Russians in any posting. I don’t believe I have even mentioned Russia or Russians anywhere in my blog over the past 5 years. Perhaps if I appeal directly to those Russian readers they will leave comments as to why they read my blog. I would really like to know. What is it that attracts you to my blog? In the interest of world peace and harmony I would be most interested in finding out. Thank you.


Croft said...

Maybe Trump told his Russian friends about you! LOL

Robert & Carol Ann Martin said...

It sure wouldn't have been anything good!

Bill said...

And the GOP doesn't believe the Ruskies hacked the DNC to influence the election?! I'd guess they have numbers of hackers phishing 24/7.

lynne said...

Just ran across your blog following some political discourses....
I have been wondering the same thing! Why do I have so many pageviews from Russia? Mostly on my old travel blog that I stopped posting on 12 months ago! What are they doing??

Robert & Carol Ann Martin said...

Bill may have a point. Maybe it is some kind of hacking attempt. But why a blog? Your guess is as good as anyone's.