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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Next up, Alaska!

In a couple of weeks, we will be in Alaska, but without the motorhome. On July 20, we fly from Houston to Fairbanks via Salt Lake City and Seattle. It will be a long day, but worth it to get away from this heat we are experiencing here in Texas.

Our first week in Alaska will be a land tour, primarily of Denali National Park and surrounding area. A train will deliver us to the park entrance where we will board a bus for the 95-mile, 5- to 6-hour trek into the park where we will spend two nights in the lodge and hopefully get some good views (and photographs) of Denali, the mountain. We will then work our way to Anchorage by the end of the week where we will jump on a plane and fly to Juneau for the second week of our Alaska experience.

In Juneau, we will board a small ship (60 passenger maximum) and slowly cruise the inland waterways and fjords. Along the way, we will be able to kayak among the icebergs and get up close to the glaciers. Hopefully, spotting some whales along the way.

I will be posting our experiences and photos as often as I can during the two weeks of our trip. There will be times when there will be no Wi-Fi but I will post as soon as it is once more available. My next post will include our itinerary so you can follow along.


Bill said...

Great way to get away from the heat. Sounds like a fun trip. Be safe.

cantinero 46 said...

Time to cool off for a great travels!