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Friday, February 12, 2016

West of the Pecos

We left Abilene this morning, drove about 350 more miles and arrived at the RV park in Van Horn, TX about 4:45 PM today. We have traveled a total of 733 miles, are still in Texas, and still have another 120 miles to go in Texas. Once we cross into New Mexico we will be a little over half-way to our destination in Newport Beach, CA.

After Abilene, the next most populous area are the twin cities of Midland and Odessa. Nobody would live there if it weren’t for the oil and gas industry. You begin seeing oil- and gas-related businesses along both sides of the interstate a few miles before reaching Midland, then for the entire twenty miles between Midland and Odessa, and for a couple of miles after Odessa. Wall to wall energy businesses and lots of heavy oil field equipment. Everywhere you look are oil wells. The well pumps look like large prehistoric birds with their heads bobbing up and down. You will only see an oil derrick while a well is being drilled. Once drilled, the derrick is replaced by the bobbing bird heads.

Van Horn is in far West Texas. West of the Pecos. It’s Cowboy and Indian country. Desolate, flat, arid, dusty, and barren. Lots of cacti, mesquite brush, rabbits, and tumble weeds. Once west of Ft. Stockton you should be very careful when passing up the opportunity for fuel. Services are few and far between. Also, once west of Ft. Stockton the speed limit increases to 80 miles per hour, which make you feel somewhat obligated to hurry across this nothingness. The interstate is almost arrow-straight and as you approach one of the few curves you will see signs warning you to slow down to 70 mph. Traffic today was light and comprised of almost all 18-wheelers, which makes you wonder if you should even be out here.

It is impossible to get over-the-air TV broadcasts. The stations are too far away. If you watch TV, you must have cable or satellite. Same with radio stations. Bring your own music or listen to satellite radio unless you enjoy Mexican radio broadcasts.

Our destination tomorrow is Tucson, AZ. The second half of the trip will be through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, before reaching California.

Here are a few iPhone photos I took after arrival in Van Horn.

The Davis Mountains

Our motorhome and "toad"

Walking stick cactus

Tumble weeds against fence

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cantinero 46 said...

Been there done that,never again!!Fort Stockton cute,but isolated.