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Nacogdoches, TX, United States
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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where is Everyone?

It was a mostly boring day and I have nothing exiting to report. After driving the required 350-miles, we stopped at an RV park in Benson, AZ, about 50 miles or so east of Tucson. It was around 4:15 PM and I was more than ready to stop and kick back. We have covered a total of 1,125-miles since leaving Nacogdoches.

All day long we drove through the most desolate country. Very much like desert.  We passed through El Paso and entered New Mexico around noon. We didn’t see much in New Mexico and zipped right through it in 3-hours time. It appears that very few people live in the southern portion of New Mexico. We certainly didn’t see many. I was also a bit surprised that neither New Mexico or Arizona have a welcome center on I-10 and all of the rest areas passed so far in Arizona have been closed.

We exited I-10 for fuel in New Mexico but as we approached the service station I could tell that we would not be able to negotiate the pumps.  I managed to find enough space to turn around and got back on I-10 West. We tried another exit and found a station we could squeeze into and fill the tank.

After checking the map, I realized that we don’t enter the state of Nevada as I had originally thought. We go below it and right into California from Arizona. We are going to shoot for Palm Springs, CA tomorrow, but at 430-miles we may not make it that far. We will still finish the trip on Monday.

I-10 in Arizona

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Bill said...

Somewhat desolate drive today, but you'll have good scenery the rest of the way.