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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere

Misol Ha and Agua Azul Waterfalls
Near Palenque
Feb 9

This morning we boarded 3 vans for side trips to Misol Ha and Agua Azul waterfalls.  Misol Ha was about 30 minutes away and Agua Azul about 30 minutes farther.  We spent 30 to 45 minutes at Misol Ha.  It is truly a spectacular waterfall.  It is located deep in a tropical rain forest and it has been raining quite a bit in that area.  Because of the rain, there is a tremendous amount of water falling the 115 feet to the pool below.  A trail winds behind the falls but I didn’t take it for fear that my camera and I would be soaked. 

I was a little surprised to find no vendors waiting to mob us at Misol Ha.  They would make up for that oversight at our next stop, Agua Azul.

Agua Azul is not just one waterfall.  It is a series of cascades (or cataracts) on the Agua Azul Creek.  I guess you could describe it as being in tiers, kind of like stair steps, the highest one being about 20 feet or so.  The water was moving fast and furious due to the rains but it was a very pretty color of blue before it flowed over the huge smooth rocks, which created a lot of white water.  There are pools at the top and bottom in which swimming is allowed (at your own risk).  There are no lifeguards.  I believe that Bob and Billie may have been the only ones in our group to brave the water by taking a dip in the upper pool.  Ropes stretch across the creek just above the water, separating the swimming areas from the falls.  I assume their purpose is to prevent swimmers from going over the falls.  I heard that Bob had to grab one during his swim.

There was a wide stone path, at least a hundred yards long that followed the creek. Lining the  path were stalls, tables, and palapas at which vendors were selling souvenirs, fruit, handmade shirts and dresses, etc.  There were also a lot of small open-air restaurants through which the group scattered.  Carol Ann and I ate lunch with Ole and Loretta in one of these restaurants.  We were later joined by Bob and Bettie.  The house specialty was a platter of five empanadas.  One each of beef, chicken, cheese, potato, and “something” else.  A woman cooked them on a grill at the front of the restaurant.  It seemed that everything else came from a kitchen in the back.  The woman went back and forth doing all of the cooking while a man and a boy (her family perhaps?) waited tables (actually the man just sat and watched TV while the boy did the waiting). 

Carol Ann and I ordered a platter of the empanadas plus an order of huevo rancheros to share.  We each ordered a bottle of water to drink (they turned out to be quart bottles).  I didn’t have a fork so I signaled the waiter to come over.  I asked for a fork, mainly in sign language by pointing at Carol Ann’s fork and mimicking eating.  I had to wait about 10 minutes during which time we joked that maybe they had no more forks.  However, the fork was finally delivered, along with another order of huevo rancheros!  I guess I made the wrong hand signals. Our bill was $120 pesos (about $10 US).

Tomorrow we leave here and take a relatively short drive (about 100 miles) to the El Gordo RV Park in Villahermosa for one night before driving the 268 miles to Tehuantepec.

(UPDATE ON CAR:  We learned last night that parts have actually been located and ordered.  It will probably be at least 3 days before the shop receives them and then another 3 to 5 days before the repairs are completed.  Once the repairs are completed the car will be transported to wherever we happen to be.  If it takes much longer, Carol Ann and I will have to wait in Harlingen until it is transported to the border.  At least it seems like something is finally being done.)

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