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Monday, February 6, 2012

Yax-Ha Resort, Chetamul

Yax-Ha Resort and RV Park
Feb 6

A good highway and a drive of 188 miles south-southwest to Chetumal, the capital of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, took us to the Yax-Ha Resort (a hotel and RV park).  The park is located right on the shores Caribbean Sea (Yax-Ha is Mayan for “Green water”).  Our motorhome is parked facing the sea, only about three feet from a low sea wall with the water on the other side about four feet from the top of the wall.  We put our chaise lounges out on a very lush, green lawn shaded by coconut palms.  A very nice sea breeze is helping to keep us cool.  We have good Wi-Fi and the weather is great.  All is perfect, or so it would seem.  Unfortunately, we have yet to free ourselves from the curse of bad luck that has followed us for this entire trip. 

While on the way to Chetumal one of the RVs from our caravan was surprised by a tope that “jumped” out in from of them.   Bob and Betty and their travel trailer hit the tope at a reported 35 – 45 mph.  Bob told me that he slammed on his brakes only to quickly discover that trailer breaks do not work very well when the trailer is airborne.  There is a metal rack that houses their generator attached to the trailer’s rear bumper.  The rack was loose and hanging dangerously close to the ground when they pulled into the RV park.  With the help of a few other RV’ers, Bob managed to raise and tighten the rack. 

After Richard and Helen parked their motorhome, Richard got out the power cable and plugged it into one of the RV park’s outlets.  Unfortunately he plugged it into a 220-volt outlet.  A couple of minutes later Helen opened the motorhome’s door to go inside and was hit with a wall of white smoke.  In spite of all the smoke the only damage discovered at this point is a blown fuse in their TV, which Richard has already replaced.  It is not that uncommon to find 220-volt RV park outlets in Mexico because of the many European tourists with RV’s they bring over on a boat.  You have to be careful and check before you connect to power.

Most of us had dinner and drinks Sunday night at the resort’s thatched-roof, palapa-style, restaurant and bar while watching the Superbowl on a large screen projection TV.  Carol Ann and I managed to last through the half-time show before turning into pumpkins and returning to our motorhome.

We still know nothing more about our car.  Today is a Mexican holiday so it will be Tuesday before we are able to find out anything (if there is anything to find out!).  It is quite possible that the car may have to be transported back to the border (about 1,200 miles) and be repaired in Harlingen. I have received more bad news in that towing is not included in our comprehensive Mexican insurance!  I had just assumed that it was included.  I don’t know if Good Sam’s Platinum Emergency Road Service will cover us in Mexico.  Beth, the Fantasy RV insurance agent is going to call Good Sam tomorrow and see if their coverage includes Mexico.  I wish that I could just sell it down here in Mexico and forget about it.  Once (or IF) we get it back to the US we plan to trade it in on something else and it could possibly end up being transported right back down here for sale anyway.  We have seen many wrecked cars, apparently bought at auction in the US, being towed to Mexico for a quick repair and sale.

We didn’t take any of the optional side trips today.  A lot of us were planning on going to Belize (just 20 miles) for the day.  We changed our minds when we learned that Belize automobile insurance would be required to drive across the border. What none of us had thought about was when you exit Mexico, whether to the US or Belize, your Mexican visa is taken away.  Gunther and Candace decided to go and were told they could park their car on the Belize side of the border and take a cab to avoid buying the Belize automobile insurance. 

They didn’t go very far or for long and when they returned to their car had to pay a parking fee. Then they were required to reapply for a Mexican visa before crossing the border into Mexico.  They received the visas and had their passports stamped.  However, in all of the confusion no one seemed to notice they had not paid the fee of $289 pesos each.  They are now worried they may have problems leaving Mexico at the end of our “Adventure.”  If they can’t get out of the country maybe they will buy our car.

Those of us who did not go on any of the side trips today just stayed at the RV park and relaxed.  It would be difficult to find a better or more peaceful view than we have right here sitting under the palms in front of the Caribbean Sea (actually it’s the Bay of Chetamul).  Besides, tomorrow we will drive a little over 300 miles to Palenque.   The caravan will begin hitching up tow cars and getting in line around 7:00 AM for a 7:30 AM departure.  Carol Ann and I have decided to leave at 5:30 AM with Barry and Pat and perhaps a few other rigs.  We will stop about 60 miles short of Palenque to fuel, rest, and wait on the caravan to go the rest of the way to the RV park.

Don’t expect a post tomorrow.  I may be too tired to do much of anything once we arrive in Palenque, and I still haven’t gotten my banda ancha to work!


John Kobak said...

I keep commenting, but you never write or reply to my comments.
Did you take your Telcel stick and Mac back to Telcel company store in Playa in Soriana shopping center? They would have got it working. If you e-mailed me I could got you through the checkout steps.
If you haven't left Chetumal, I'm sure there is a company Telcel store that can help you.
Next possible place is Excarcega, which is also a good place to call from to check on your car since you are not that far away from Merida.
If your friend filled out paperwork and had passport stamped and just hasn't paid, Tell them to stop at a Banamex and ask to pay at Bajercito. You can pay and get a receipt at any bank. They are just slow at it.

Robert & Carol Ann Martin said...

I apologize for being slow to reply. I do appreciate your comments. We are now in Palenque so I will look for a Telcel store here. Meanwhile, I will be sure and tell Gunther and Candace about paying for their Visa at a Banamex.