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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talk About Pissed Off!!!!

Tropic Winds RV Resort, Day #12
March 8, 2012

I am going to either EXPLODE or SCREAM!  I have had it with ABA Seguros.  That’s the Mexican insurance company handling (albeit extremely slowly) our accident claim.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, in Mexico the insurance company is responsible for obtaining the parts required to repair the vehicle.  Obtaining the parts for our 2008 Saturn Vue took 4 weeks!  Total and absolute incompetence on their part as far as I am concerned.  They could have driven from Mexico to the GM plant in Detroit, picked up the parts, and delivered them to the repair shop in less time!

I was unable pay the $500 deductible until yesterday because ADA Seguros did not provide me with a proper bank account number until yesterday. 

This morning I received an email from the ABA representative thanking me for sending her the confirmation.  She informed me that she would call the repair shop and release the car so that the transport company could pick up the car tomorrow.

I contacted the transport company and they confirmed receiving the transfer confirmation and could pick up the car first thing in the morning and deliver it to us on Sunday at the border.  Hallelujah!  After sitting at the RV park in Harlingen for 2 weeks we would finally have our car back.

About 4:30 PM today I received another email from the ABA representative telling me that she was very sorry but their accounting department informed her that a 72-hour wait would be required to make certain that my bank had actually sent them the money and that I had not faked up some kind of document to try and fool them (OK, they didn’t really give that reason but they might as well have).  That would mean that the 72-hours would not be up until SATURDAY.  The WEEKEND in MEXICO, which means that no one will do a frigging thing until MONDAY!  The car would probably not get picked up until Tuesday and we wouldn’t see it until Friday of next week. 

I sent an email back to the ABA representative and copied our US insurance representative plus someone at ABA a little higher up the ladder than the representative with whom I have been communicating.  I told them that the additional delay was unacceptable and was caused by their delay in ordering the parts. 

It was also necessary to contact the transport company so they would not send a truck to the repair shop in the morning.  It made me feel sick at my stomach to have to do that after all of the time we have spent trying to get this thing setup.

Everyone just shrugs and says, “Well, that’s Mexico.”  That just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I am tired of hearing that phrase and I am tired of hearing “mañana.”  Those are simply excuses for incompetence and slothfulness (yes, I said it).

My expenses for waiting here in Harlingen are really adding up.  So far we have almost two unnecessary weeks of car rental and RV park charges, not to mention food and other incidental expenses.  Now ABA is telling me that we could be sitting here for almost another week!  What a rip-off this whole experience has been.   If I ever think about going back to Mexico would someone please just shoot me!  Speaking of shooting, it’s a good thing you aren’t allowed to take firearms across the border to Mexico!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Robert and Carol Ann - Now you know the REAL REASON the Mexican authorities do not allow United States citizens to carry firearms across the border into Mexico!! LOL