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Monday, May 14, 2012

Around Your Elbow to Get to Your ..........

We had to have the motorhome and car at M&G Engineering in Athens, TX (about 100 miles) at 10 AM this morning.  We were having M&G install their air braking system, an indicator light on the dash (lights when the brakes in the car are activated), the base plate for the tow bar, and the wiring harness from motorhome to car so that the car's turn signals and brake lights mimic those of the motorhome.  We were up at 6 AM and  on the road at 8 AM.  I drove the motorhome and Carol Ann the car.  We arrived on time and they started right away.  While they worked, Carol Ann and I spent most of the time cleaning, straightening, and putting things away inside the motorhome. 

When it was 30 minutes past the three hour estimate they had given me I asked how much longer it should be.  Another hour and a half was the revised estimate.  That would get us on the road by 3 PM and we could be in Carthage about 5 PM, still in time for the 6 PM covered dish supper with our RV club. 

The additional hour and a half turned into two hours but we could still make Carthage in time.  At 3:30 PM we had the car hooked up and the motorhome idling while we tested the brake lights and turn signals.  Bad news.  The lights weren't working on the car!  There was no power where the car wiring plugged into the motorhome.  After another hour and a half they still had not determined the cause so they just cut and bypassed the old motorhome wiring and ran new wire to the plug.  Finally, everything worked.

We managed to get on the road about 5 PM.   It was about 110 miles to Carthage and we had to stop for fuel.  It rained on us for a while but we made it by 6:45 PM.  We pulled into our RV site at the Carthage RV Park and just left the car hooked up so we could get over to the meeting room and for some supper before it was all gone.  After we finished eating and socializing we went back to the motorhome and unhooked the car.  It had been completely blocking our RV site's street.  Fortunately there wasn't much traffic in the park.

The member's of our RV club are from all over Texas, but most are from the central part of the state.  Carol Ann and I live in East Texas and were excited that Carthage had been chosen as a rally site.  We only live about 50 miles from Carthage and most of the rallies we attend are hundreds of miles away (Texas is a REALLY big state!).  The sad thing is that because we had to go to Athens, the trip took us almost 10 hours and we traveled over 200 miles........just to go to a rally 50 miles from home!

We are tired and I am about to hit the sack.  Pictures tomorrow.

Good night!

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