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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Texas Primary

The Texas primary was yesterday.  I didn't vote.  In order to vote you had to swear allegiance to the Democrats or the Republicans and since I'm not a member of a political party I could not vote.  I am an Independent and can vote for whoever I want, no matter what their party may be.  I always attempt to vote for the individuals whom I think will be best for the country.  I don't have a problem with "splitting the ticket".  To vote by simply checking "Republican" or "Democrat" is not necessarily voting for the best candidates.  All you are doing is following the instructions of "your" party.  Letting someone TELL you how to vote.   

At this point I don't know who I will be voting for in November but I do know for whom I will NOT be voting!  Last year when Congress sat around on their thumbs and refused to compromise over the national debt it made me very angry.  However, I was not the only one that was upset with our elected representatives.  A vast majority of the American public was not happy that their voices were not being heard by their senators and representatives.  Congress did what it always does, which is whatever they want to do and not what their constituents want them to do.  As a result of that fiasco I vowed that I would not vote for ANY incumbent in November.  They had their chance and botched it as far as I am concerned.  Therefore, I will vote for their opponents.  It's a personal protest.  I really don't think it matters who is in Congress because they only do what is good for themselves and not their constituents.  Oh, sure.  They throw us a bone every once in a while just to give us the impression that they are working for us.  If everyone else who was unhappy with that bunch up in Washington would also NOT vote for any incumbent we would clean house up there.  And that would be a good thing!

(Any editorial comments made on this blog are those of the author who knows nothing about politics, but knows if something stinks it should be thrown out of the house -- and senate.)

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