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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dinosaurs and Jesus

Do you remember when ZZ Top sang “Jesus Just Left Chicago and He’s Bound for New Orleans?” Well, I don’t know whether He really went to New Orleans or not, but I do know that He is no longer in New Orleans. I just found out He’s actually in Glen Rose, TX. Glen Rose is famous for its dinosaur tracks and conservative Christians.

We went to Glen Rose yesterday and to see the dinosaur tracks. Fortunately, the tracks were pointed out by signs because you don’t just walk along and all of a sudden exclaim, “Look, dinosaur tracks!” It pays to have a pretty good imagination. Of course, anything is bound to wear down a bit over one hundred and twelve million years. See for yourself.

(It's under a few inches of water)
(Lens cap to illustrate size)
(Three-toed print)
While on the road out to the Dinosaur Valley State Park to see the tracks, we passed a couple of other interesting looking places. One was Dinosaur World where you can pay $12.75 to see replicas of “over 150 life size dinosaurs.” We did not visit the place, even though they were giving away free dogs and leashes. That’s right. The sign read, “Friendly dogs on leashes – free!”

The other interesting looking place that we did not visit was the Creation Evidence Museum and Archeological Excavations. I can only surmise that the purpose of the Creation Evidence Museum is to dispute the fact that the dinosaurs left their footprints in the mud millions of years ago. According to the Creationists, the Earth should only be six thousand years old. Not billions of years ago as put forth by the “Big Bang Theory.” The Creationists do not believe the universe to be billions of years old because:

(1) The planets in our solar system are not all be spinning in the same direction,
(2) The cores of the planets should have cooled down by this time,
(3) Saturn’s rings would have been crushed and pulverized by meteors after only a couple of thousand years,
(4) The dust on the moon would have been a lot deeper than the couple of inches experienced by the astronauts, and
(5) The moon would have crashed into the Earth long ago.

This is also how I learned that Jesus had moved to Glen Rose. A large sign in front of the Creation Evidence Museum proclaimed “I SAW JESUS IN GLEN ROSE, TX.” Apparently he is alive and well and according to another sign is living at the Texas Amphitheatre – but only on Fridays and Saturdays in September and October. Go figure.


Croft Randle said...

This theory originated in their Fred Flintstone version of the Bible, which is about the deepest research these people can handle.

I like the CoQ10 spam in the comments. The spammers must know your profession. ;)

Robert & Carol Ann Martin said...

Croft - What CoQ10 spam? I don't see it in the comments. Where do you see it?

Croft Randle said...

It is gone now but it was there when I made my comment. Your spam filter must have nuked it. It was just the regular spam thing... pushing the qualities of CoQ10.

Bill said...

I'm with you on this one. My first thought when I read dinosaur tracks and conservative Christians was: now there's a contradiction.

Robert & Carol Ann Martin said...

I can't begin to understand them.