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Monday, January 30, 2012

Campeche (Jan 23 - 25)

(Posted Jan 30, Piste)

Club Nautico RV Park was 109 miles further down the coast.  The weather was definitely a lot warmer and there was a fantastic pool available to us.  There was also a great beach right there in front of the pool.  Everything was first class.  We even had good 50-amp electric service as opposed to the unusable 15- and 30-amp services we had experienced at most of the previous RV parks.  The only thing missing was Wi-Fi!  However, we did find a coffee shop in town with free Wi-Fi from which I was able to make a post to the blog.

For a couple of days prior to our arrival in Campeche I experienced some trouble starting the motorhome’s engine and had to use the auxiliary start switch (to use the house batteries as opposed to the chassis batteries).  I had also noticed that the chassis batteries were not charging properly.  They were the original chassis batteries, about five years old and probably due for replacement.  I had already replaced the four house batteries last year.

The Green Angels said “no problem”.  They would remove the chassis batteries and take them into town to find replacements.  As they began removing the two batteries we noticed that both of them were badly cracked and seemed ready to burst open at any moment.  I can only assume this was caused by the many bone-jarring topes we had crossed.  I was somewhat anxious to see what kind of new batteries that the Green Angels would find for me.  To my relief, they turned out to be exactly the same as the originals, AC DELCO from the local Autozone, with a guarantee that will be good in the US if needed.  Cost was about $120 (US) per battery.

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