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Monday, January 30, 2012

Isla Aguada (Jan 21 - 22)

(Posted Jan 30, Piste)

This was a lengthy drive of 327 miles but at least the roads were beginning to improve.  Isla Aguada is an island that is reached by crossing a very long bridge.  It is a beautiful tropical paradise reminiscent of Gilligan’s Island except that Isla Aguada is not a set in a TV studio.  Perhaps the prettiest place we have stayed so far, it is a stereotypical tropical island complete with real palm trees and white sandy beaches.

Due to John’s unfortunate encounter with the tope, he missed the first night on Isla Aguada.  Several of us were standing on the beach when we saw him, followed by the Green Angels, coming across the long bridge to the island.

On the second night we enjoyed a hamburger cook-out under a large palapa overlooking the beach.  We cranked up our margarita machine and served frozen margaritas to everyone before dinner.

At most of the parks in which we have camped, the power was too bad to use safely (too many or too few volts).  It was no exception at Freedom Shores RV Park.  Nor was there Wi-Fi available as I had, once again, been led to believe.  Apparently it was just too much for Thelma (park owner) to maintain after her husband’s death last year.  I read an article from Truckcamper Magazine in which an ex-pat living in Mexico remarked that Wi-Fi in RV parks was more prevalent than in US RV parks.  I’m not sure what he was smoking when he said that but it is very far from the truth.  The lack of Wi-Fi has been a big disappointment to me on this trip.  The repeater works well when there is a signal within line-of-site, but there aren’t that many Wi-Fi signals around.

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