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Thursday, January 5, 2012

D-Day is Approaching!

D-Day, or in our case, Departure Day, is Saturday.  Tomorrow (Friday) morning we will go to the storage facility and bring the RV back to the house.  That will give us a whole day to get it packed and ready.  It has already been extensively serviced and cleaned.  We hope to leave Nacogdoches no later than 10 AM on Saturday in order to reach our first overnight stop, Victoria, TX, by 4PM.  We plan to dry-camp at a Sam's Club in order to get a lot of our last minute shopping done. 

We are running around feverishly trying to pack.  We must have at least a half dozen "To Do" lists in some shape or form.  What is so scary is that there are still a lot of items yet to be crossed off the lists.  Tomorrow could be a very long day.

We have not yet called AT&T regarding International Roaming or their "Viva Mexico" plan.  We are also taking an old mobile phone just in case we find that purchasing a SIM card in Mexico would be cheaper than any of AT&T's plans. 

I still have not yet installed the WiFi repeater on the coach.  I do have it attached to a 1" PVC pipe which slides down into a 1 1/4" PVC pipe.  I will mount the larger pipe on the back ladder and store the 1" pipe with repeater in a storage bay.  When we reach a campsite I will slip the "repeater-pipe" into the larger pipe on the ladder and adjust the height by moving a bolt up or down the larger pipe (I have drilled holes through the pipe at approximately one-foot intervals).  The bolt will stop the "repeater-pipe" from sliding past it.  The repeater has a 15' ethernet cable attached through a water-proof coupler.  When I erect the repeater I will attach the other end of that cable, through another water-proof coupler, to a second 15' cable that leads to the power source (P-O-E, or Power Over Ethernet) in one of the storage bays that has an electrical outlet.  Once the repeater is erected, I can rotate it until the directional antenna is pointed toward the WiFi access point (assuming there is one).  If it works as envisioned we shouldn't have a problem accessing WiFi if there is any around.

I better get busy!

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