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Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Butterfly Hunting

I actually went out looking for butterflies today about midmorning.  I was able to find some sipping nectar from various flowering plants around the RV park.  However, it was difficult to get them to sit still long enough to get a good shot (with the camera).  They are cold-blooded and much more active under a hot sun than in cooler weather.  A cold front is rumored to roll through tonight and drop the temperatures 20 degrees (it has already dropped from 86 degrees at noon to 76 degrees as of 2:30 PM), making tomorrow much cooler and the butterflies a little slower.  If so, then I will visit the National Butterfly Center and Butterfly Park tomorrow and try to get some better photos than I did today.

I did get a few photos on my morning safari and they are on a separate page (see “Butterflies” in right-hand menu).  I was somewhat disappointed not to have seen a Monarch after using it in the leading role of my recent butterfly posts.  Perhaps I will see one tomorrow.   I have attempted to identify the butterflies in today’s photos by using the internet and believe that I have managed to do so for all but one.  When I go to the Butterfly Center tomorrow I will show them the photos and get positive identification.  Perhaps then I will be able to let you know if they actually taste like chicken.

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