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Friday, October 19, 2012

On The Banks of The Rio Frio

We said goodbye to Van Horn, TX at 9:15 AM yesterday (Thursday) and after 389 miles (all but last 60 miles on I-10) pulled into Parkview Riverside RV Park at 3:45 PM.  We were only about 5 or 10 minutes behind the members of our RV club who had left Alpine, TX that same morning and with whom we will be going to Mission, TX on Sunday.  Everyone was tired so we all just crashed in our coaches last night. 

The RV park is located in the Texas Hill Country and is on a bluff overlooking the Rio Frio (Spanish for “Cold River”).  This morning I walked down to the banks of the Frio for a look around and to take some photos.  The river was very still, hardly a ripple, and the blue water was crystal clear.  The morning sun was low and behind me, casting its light on the opposite bank and providing some really great lighting for photos.  Large oak trees, mirrored in the calm water, hung over the banks of the river.  Rope swings hung from branches of several trees and the clay banks near these ropes were worn smooth from the many people who have used the bank to launch themselves out over the river and drop into the cold water.

This afternoon we drove to the nearby small (very) town of Leaky (pronounced as “Lakey”) to buy a few groceries at the Mercantile & Grocery Store.  It was located next door to the open air “Hog Pen” BBQ establishment (bikers welcomed).  On the way back to the RV park we stopped to take some pictures of the Frio from the bridge.

Tonight our small group will get together for a cook out and potluck supper, preceded by Happy Hour, of course.

Life is good.

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