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Friday, October 5, 2012

Plans Are Made To Be Changed

We have decided to go on to Tucson today and not spend 2 nights in Phoenix.  We are tired and need some down time.  The Apache Trail will have to wait until another time.  Besides, it will be at least 100 degrees plus last night I read that 28 of the 40 mile route is wash-boarded dirt with several one-lane-only sections with blind curves on the side of a steep cliff.  This should be welcome news to Kristin, our daughter, who thought we were absolutely certifiable for going to Mexico.

In addition to rest we need to clean our filthy coach and car.  We haven't seen any rain in over a month and several of the parks in which we have stayed were dirt and/or gravel (very dusty) and due to a water shortage none of the parks have allowed us to wash the car or motorhome.  That, along with a fairly constant wind, have have made the vehicles  disgustingly dirty.  Arriving in Tucson with two free days before the rally begins will give us time to get a little rest and have the rig washed.

Must go now.  Have to be on the road before the temp gets much higher than the current 81 degrees (at 9:15 AM).

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Croft Randle said...

The Apache Trail is a fun drive but not with a motorhome! I do not remember more than a very shore stretch of gravel, the rest is paved. Be sure to stop at Tortilla Flat to visit the interesting bar and gift shop.

You will be a lot cooler in Tucson and if you want even cooler, drive to Benson. There are great day car trips out of Benson to Tombstone and Bisbee, both worth seeing.