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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome to Tucson

It was around 9:45 AM when we left Indio, CA and jumped back on I-10 yesterday morning.  It was obvious that we were in the desert.  Mostly barren land except for cacti, brush, and the occasional dead palm tree.  We crossed the California-Arizona state line at 11:00 AM.  We planned on our first stop being the Arizona Welcome Center and were surprised to discover there was no such thing (on I-10!) so we pulled into a Rest Area for a bite of lunch.  I have posted a couple of pictures that I took there as I found the poisonous snake and insect warning sign kind of interesting.  It will also give you some idea of how that part of the country looks.  You will see trees, but think of the Rest Area is an oasis in the desert.

Fortunately, we dodged rush hour in Phoenix even though it was 3:00PM when we got there.  Instead of going across and through the “top” of Phoenix and then south to Tucson we took the truck route and turned south just as we got to Phoenix.  It took us around the “bottom” of Phoenix and put us back on I-10 out of the rush hour traffic.

The 120 miles from Phoenix to Tucson was just more desert and the drive was uneventful.  We did see one interesting site several miles before we reached the Tucson suburbs.  It was Panil Air Park, which includes an airliner storage area.  There were a lot of unused airliners sitting in “mothballs”.  If they could think I would imagine they were hoping to someday go back to work. 

We pulled into the Lazydays RV Park in Tucson, 367 miles from Indio, at about 5:00 PM.  We checked in and had no sooner parked when some of our Texas friends came by on their way to dinner so we left RV setting up for later and went to dinner at the on-site restaurant, which was very good (and cost about half what we had been paying for the same in California!).

Today we piddled around some and went grocery shopping.  I turned on XM Radio at 4:00 PM to listen to the Georgia-South Carolina football game and then turned it off when the score was Georgia 0 – South Carolina 21 and it was still in the first quarter.  Oh well, it’s ONLY a football game (and a Lamborghini is ONLY a car!).

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