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Monday, May 6, 2013

Damn MCD!

Another delay due to MCD's ineptitude!   I took the coach back to Motorhomes of Texas early this morning so it would be there and waiting when the part from MCD shades came in.  I finally called MOT about 4:00 PM to ask if it was ready.  And you can probably guess what the answer was.  No, the part never came today because MCD never shipped it and by the time MCD notified MOT it was too late to it ship today.  So, it will ship tomorrow for Wednesday AM delivery, which means if everything goes as planned (this is Plan C or D) we can get on the road sometime Wednesday afternoon.  Now we are two days behind schedule and we have reservations at a Thousand Trails park in South Carolina beginning on Friday.  It is 800 miles from here to the park so it will not be the leisurely drive that was planned.  

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Bill said...

Service isn't what it used to be. You'll have to kick back at Thousand Trails.