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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Problems Have Already Begun

A few weeks ago we decided to replace the window shades in our motorhome.  It’s something we had been thinking about and wanting to do for over a year.  We decided to do it before we started on our Canadian adventure.  We took the coach to Motorhomes of Texas (a first-rate outfit AND right here in Nacogdoches) for them to make all of the required measurements for MCD, makers of American Duo Day/Night Shades, located in McKinney, TX.  Here is a timeline of events that followed:

Friday, April 19:  I drove the motorhome over to MOT and left it so they could get started installing the shades on Monday, April 22. 

Friday, April 26:  I called MOT and learned that the shades had not been installed.  They didn’t even have the shades.  The shades had been “lost in shipping” between McKinney and Nacogdoches, a distance of only 200 miles.  They would have them on Tuesday, April 30.  Still plenty of time before the beginning of our trip.   I brought the motorhome back to the house so we could use the weekend in preparing it for the trip.

Monday, April 29:  I drove the motorhome back to MOT at 7:30 AM so that it would be available when the shades were delivered.

Friday, May 3:  I received a phone call from MOT informing me that they were unable to complete the installation because one of the gizmos from MCD was the wrong size or shape.  The gizmo will be delivered on Monday morning, May 6.  I brought the motorhome back to the house for the weekend to continue preparing it for the trip. 

I will need to take it back to MOT for the third time on Monday morning, May 6.  We will not begin our trip on Monday, May 6 as origianally planned.  The start date is now Tuesday, May 7. Hopefully, with new shades.

Another problem we recently encountered was a toilet “malfunction”.  It refused to flush.  I will not describe how this malfunction was discovered.  If you are not familiar with RV toilets you should know that, much like the toilets on an airplane, there is a valve that remains closed until the flush mechanism is activated.  The valve then opens, the “stuff” is washed down into the holding tank, and the valve closes.  I decided to repair this myself and purchased a kit for replacing the flush valve.  It looked very simple.  I printed some instructions from the Internet and got started.  First, I turned off the water and then I took the toilet apart, placed all of the various pieces in the shower, and cleaned them (a nasty job).  I then put it all back together with the new parts but had to take it all apart again because I made an error in the reassembly (those internet instructions were a little “sketchy”).  I very carefully put it all back together again, turned on the water, and pushed the flush pedal.  Nothing happened.  No flush.  I turned the water off, took it apart again, examined all of the parts, looked at the Internet diagram some more, and put it back together again.  I turned the water back on, crossed my fingers, and pushed the flush pedal.  Nada.  Jack Shit!  I added, “fix toilet”, to my Motorhomes of Texas “to do” list.  I’ll find out if it works this weekend.  The trip hasn't begun and already it's turning to shit!

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Croft Randle said...

We had a toilet that continued to let water in with the valve shut. Not much, just a dribble but enough to overflow the toilet after several hours. We had to leave the water turned off until we got it to a dealer who told us it would be cheaper to replace the toilet than to fix it.