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Saturday, August 10, 2013

"I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone"

As Johnny Nash wrote and sang in 1972 followed by Jimmy Cliff's cover in 1993, "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone."  For a few days, anyway.

We don’t have satellite TV in our motorhome.  If an RV park doesn’t have cable then we either watch the channels that can be received over-the-air or nothing at all.  We almost forgot what television was while in Canada.  There was never cable and we couldn’t get OTA broadcasts very often.  We had no cable TV last night because we were dry camping.  I thought that we would be able to get quite a few OTA channels because New York City was only 85 miles away and Scranton, PA about 45 miles.  I was right.  We got 14 OTA channels but there was nothing to watch.  This was the channel breakdown:

   Spanish language – 5
   Korean language  – 3
   Chinese language – 2
   English language  – 4 (1 CBS, 1 news/weather, and 2 infomercial channels)

If you read yesterday’s post you know that it was not a good day.  The worst thing that happened was getting stuck at the RV park.  I said I wouldn’t worry about it until this morning, and I didn’t.  Charlie (the park’s owner) came driving up this morning on his front-end loader.  He apologized for the woman putting us where she did, adding that she should have known better, what with all the rain.  Anyway, he wrapped a tow strap around the frame where the tow bar is attached and looped it over a large hook on the shovel of the front-end loader.  As he lifted up, I backed right out onto the road and almost over Charlie and the front-end loader.  I heard him yelling for me to STOP!  It took less than 5 minutes so it was good not to have worried about it.

Today has been a much better day.  We have had very pleasant weather and interstate all the way, although there were plenty of stretches that were in very poor repair.  If you drive a few thousand miles on America’s highways you will see the poor shape that our infrastructure, mainly the highways and bridges, is in.  America could stand to spend a little more money on itself and less on other countries.

We drove for about six hours today and had covered almost 260 miles when we stopped at Falling Waters RV Park in Falling Waters, WV.  We will spend two nights here so that we can visit Harper’s Ferry, MD and a few other historic places in the area tomorrow.  This will probably be our last two-night stop as we plan to haul butt the final 1,260 miles to Texas when we leave here.  Before Davy Crockett left for Texas to die in the Alamo, he told Congress, “You may all go to hell.  I will go to Texas!”  I’m not suggesting you go to hell, but I am going to Texas.  I just really like that quote.

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