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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To Which Channel is Your TV Tuned?

Carol Ann and I went to the bank today to apply for a construction loan for the new home our contractor son-in-law, Sam, is going to build for us (more about that later).  As in many financial institutions and bars, there were several flat-screen TVs mounted on the walls.  I assume this is to capture the customer's attention while waiting.  Of course, as is the usual custom, all of the TVs were muted and the closed caption was not turned on.  It’s kind of interesting sometimes to try and guess what the talking heads are talking about.  Why do they spend all of that money on TVs and only use the video portion?  

You can tell much about a persons political views by the TV channel they watch.  I have noticed that most of the time the TVs are tuned to a news channel.  If the TV is set to FOX News, you know that the management of the institution is Republican/Conservative.  If the TV is set to CNN, you assume that these people must be Democrat/Liberal.  Well, at the bank this morning, their TVs were tuned to The Weather Channel.  Does that mean they are Independent?  Or are they just being smart and not choosing sides for fear of upsetting a customer?  Maybe it's just a cop-out.  Just once I would like to go into a business and see all of their TVs set on the Cartoon Channel.  You don’t need sound to know exactly what is going on! 

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