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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fine French Dining at Lunch

I spent most of the morning sorting and inventorying my photography gear.  The workshop doesn’t begin until Saturday morning however I have scheduled 4 hours on Friday morning with Bob Pearson, the workshop leader.  This will be one-on-one instruction and I want to get my money’s worth.

As lunchtime drew closer, Carol Ann said she would like to go to a French Crepes place she had read about that had a real French Chef.  It is on the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo De Peralta, not far from the New Mexico State Capitol building.  We entered the address into our Chevy’s navigation system (like I said, all the gadgets available!) and headed towards town.

When we arrived at our destination, this is what we found:

 And this was their menu:

We were seated at a very nice table (picnic type) beneath a beach umbrella.  Well, actually we had to seat ourselves and order at the window.  I had the Frog Dog, or actually the German version, the Fritz Dog, and Carol Ann had the Parisienne Savory Crepes.  To drink, we had a Lemon soda imported from France (expensive lemonade) and for dessert we had sweet crepes.  Carol Ann had a Lemon Sugar and I had a Nutella Sweet Crepe.   We got out of the parking lot for about $35, including tip.  I will say that it was quite tasty, although somewhat bohemian, n’est-ce pas?

As far as the motorhome goes, the water pressure has dropped so low that it takes a couple of hours to shower, with most of that time spent rinsing the soap from your body.  It's not the water pressure in the RV park.  The water pressure in the park is great.  We were experiencing a reduction in pressure prior to this trip.  I have a new hose from the spigot to the motorhome’s water inlet, and I have cleaned the water filter.  It makes no difference whether our water pump is on or off, the trickle remains the same.  I called an RV service company that makes house calls and am still waiting on him to call back and setup an appointment.  If the water pump has to be replaced I intend to have one rated at a higher PSI with a gallons-per-minute flow rate greater than the current pump.

We are a little down this evening so not much into humor.  We brought 3 cats with us (Pumpkin, Goblin, and She Kitty) and Goblin has been missing since this morning.  We don't let them go outside and don't think there is really any possibility that she pulled a Houdini on us.  We have searched every drawer, behind every drawer, every cabinet, closet, nook, and cranny several times.  She is a very shy cat and many of our friends have never seen her as she hides when anyone comes to the house.  She has done this before without us finding her and then all of a sudden she would be standing beside us like nothing was wrong.  If any of you happen to be a cat whisperer perhaps you could contact her and let her know that this has gone far enough.  This may be a late night. 

 THIS JUST IN...........

At 9:20 PM (MST) Goblin the cat was found safe and sound behind the one drawer we did not pull out all of the way!  Goblin has always been a cat of few meows and refused to make a statement.  She completely ignored us en route to her food and water bowls.  Once satisfied, she allowed Carol Ann to pick her up and take her to bed.  She asked that she not be disturbed.  Perhaps she will tells us about her terrible ordeal in the morning.

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Croft said...

In my motorhome the water goes through the pump weather it is turned on or off. There is a filter on the input side of the pump and also a screen filter that is part of the pump. Either could be clogged. There is also a screen filter where the hose connects to the RV. It is not hard to check all of these if you have the time and don't mind getting a little wet. Take the water line off the out side of the pump and start the pump. If you get a strong flow then the problem is downstream from there. Try all the taps including the outside shower. Is the flow weak in all of them? You might be able to isolate the problem yourself.