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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


SHADES OF OUR MEXICO TRIP !  We dropped the motorhome off at 8:15 this morning to have an injector replaced and were able to get back to the RV park in time for the bus tour of St. John's.  I got a phone call about 11:30AM from the CAT service folks and expected to hear that the repair was completed and we could come get it.  NOT!  More bad news, Dwayne said.  It seems that the problem is not confined to one fuel injector.  They replaced the bad one and when tested, the replacement failed.  They then replaced the replacement and it also failed.  Upon further inspection it was determined that the "Huey Pump",  I believe that is what he called it, is also kaput.  This is a fuel pump that shoots the correct mixture of fuel and air through the fuel injectors into the cylinder.  If it fails I am told it can ruin all of the injectors.  To make a complex story (one I don't really understand) simple - all six injectors and the pump have to be replaced.  At least they have all of the parts.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that they may not be able to finish until tomorrow and even worse news is that I'm most likely looking at a cost closer to $5,000 than to $1,500.  I don't really have any choice if I want to drive it back to Texas.  If they don't finish by closing today they will let us spend the night in it.  We were afraid they wouldn't allow it because of safety and/or security reasons. That would have presented us with a big problem, especially with the 3 cats.  We have to check back with them about 4:00PM to learn whether they will finish today or tomorrow.

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