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Friday, July 19, 2013

Twillingate Island Tour

Twillingate is on an island (North Island) with another island (South Island) between it and mainland Newfoundland, which is also an island.  Causeways connect the islands to the mainland so that it doesn't feel so much like being on an island.  North Island is the smallest of the two islands and only takes a few minutes to see all of it.  South Island is bigger but still doesn't take very long to drive around it.  There are very few roads on the island but almost all of the ones we have seen so far have been paved.

This morning I studied the guide book and map to select some spots on the islands that we should make the effort to see since today is a free day.  I used Google Maps to print a finished map with directions for our drive.  We would see the part of North Island that we missed yesterday and then make a circle around South Island so that we could see several other coves and harbors.  We left around 10:30AM and were back at the RV park at about 2:30 PM.  We have not seen any icebergs or whales in Twillingate.

Towards the end of the drive we stopped at the local liquor store (just to look around) and then had lunch in a small Tea Room, actually outside of it on the back patio by the bay.  I had toutons and beans, Newfie food.  The beans were just canned pork and beans but the toutons with butter and homemade strawberry-rhubard jam were decadent.  It was almost like eating donuts for lunch!

This evening the group is having a BBQ here at the RV park followed by a drivers' meeting to discuss the next leg of our trip, which will be 215 miles to Bonavista where we will spend two nights at Paradise Farm RV Park before the 185 mile leg to St. John's for four nights.  St. John's will be our best bet to see whales and more icebergs when we go out on a whale watching boat tour.

I'm posting this earlier than usual because there may not be enough time after the BBQ, what with having to get the RV ready for tomorrow's drive.

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