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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Peggy's Cove Part II

Last night I was tired and cut my posting short so this an update to last night's post.  Stoney and Claudia rode with us out to Peggy’s cove.  We were in a group so I just followed the car in front of me.  I should have paid a little more attention to our route, as it would have saved us a little frustration later on.  Not long after we started out my “Low Fuel” light came on but I figured I would gas up at Peggy’s Cove and didn’t worry about it.  Besides it was less than 30 miles each way and I had at least enough gas for that.  We did not pass a service station from that point on and there was not one at Peggy’s Cove.  I had no choice now.  I would have to wait until we were almost back to the RV Park before reaching a service station.

Last night I told you about our day at Peggy’s cove and will pick up there.  On the way back to the RV Park I was a little unsure of our first turn.  Stoney and I thought it was left and Claudia thought to the right.  We should have listened to Claudia.  With one eye on the road and the other on the gas gauge I asked Stoney if any of the scenery looked familiar.  We both agreed that it did not.  After a few miles we pulled over next to a row of rural mailboxes to look at a map and set the GPS.  A woman who was getting her mail came over to the car and with a smile said, “Are you lost?”  Yes, we were.  She pointed us in the right direction and told us where to turn.  Stoney reluctantly apologized to Claudia for not listening to her.  We did make it back and stopped at a service station to fill up the tank. 

I pulled up to the pumps, got out, removed the cap from the gas tank, and got my credit card out.  I slid it in and out and watched the screen for instructions.  It was all in French.  It didn’t even give me an English alternative.  Fortunately, Claudia was to the rescue again.  She speaks French and German (and maybe more) and interpreted the gas pump for me.  When I finished and got my receipt it was also all in French.    I got 69.3 liters at 128.3 cents per liter.  That came out to $88.91 Canadian, which included $11.60 in taxes.  That works out to around $5.25 US per gallon of gasoline.  It makes our US prices sound a lot better.

We were back at the RV Park about 3:30PM and by 7:15PM I was driving back to Peggy’s Cove with Thursa, Howard, Helen, and Claudia (to make sure we didn’t get lost).  All of us are amateur photographers except for Thursa and she had agreed to give us a lesson in shooting sunsets and low light landscapes.  We were back at the lighthouse before 8:00PM with a little over an hour before sunset (9:03PM).  We picked out a spot and got our tripods setup along with about a dozen other photographers.  We set our cameras on Aperture Priority at f/22 and began making a shot every couple of minutes.  As the light got lower we left the aperture at f/22 but switched to Manual and began adjusting the shutter speed (slowing the speed as the light decreased).  I started with a speed of 1/50 second and when we quit I was at 4 or 5 seconds.  A fog bank out at sea was preventing us from really seeing much of the sunset colors except for a narrow horizontal band along the horizon so we packed up and moved down to the fishing wharf nestled in a small cove.  There were a few boats and old fishing shacks that had promise.  We started shooting there and by the time that darkness and the mosquitos ran us off I was at f/22 and a speed of 20 seconds.

We made it back to the RV Park at 10:15PM and I wrote a short post before bed.

Tomorrow we are going on a bus tour of Halifax, then have dinner and go to the Tattoo.  A good way to celebrate the 4th of July.  We don’t expect to return to the RV Park before 11:00PM so I probably won’t have any more for tonight. 

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