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Nacogdoches, TX, United States
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Little Rock

We left Nacogdoches at 9AM and six hours later were pulling into an RV park in North Little Rock, AR. The trip was rather boring except for the tanker truck that slid sideways in front of us. We were in the right lane of I-30 and the tanker truck was in the left lane a couple of hundred yards in front of us. All of a sudden there was a big cloud of smoke with pieces of rubber flying out from it. It was a spectacular blowout! The rig's air brakes locked up and the truck skidded all the way across the right lane, leaving streaks of black rubber and almost hitting a car, before coming to a stop on the shoulder. It was kind of like flying an airplane, hours of complete boredom punctuated by seconds of sheer terror! At least no one was hurt.

We have two cats, which aren't keen on traveling, with us. They hid and came out only when we stopped for lunch and after we arrived at the RV park. They think it's over now, but tomorrow will be a longer drive, 356 miles to an RV park in Nashville. It's I-40 all the way from North Little Rock so it shouldn't be too bad. However, arriving in Music City around 4 or 5 PM on a Friday afternoon could be bad. I'm not looking forward to it. Hopefully it will just be another boring drive.


Croft said...

What's the rush? Slow down and smell the Bluebonnets! Lots to see around Little Rock. Try Homer's Good Eats for breakfast!

cantinero 46 said...

Safe travels yall.Thanks for those 50+posts.Really enjoyed them