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Saturday, September 10, 2016

What's Next?

My book has finally been published, both in print and Kindle editions (available from Amazon at, also on my blog over the past few months. I feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders but what do I do now? Well, first, I have a reunion to attend. Carol Ann and I will be taking off next week in our motorhome for Norfolk, VA and a reunion of the 2/11th field artillery battalion with which I served in Vietnam. A fitting way to celebrate my book, perhaps. After the reunion we’ll spend a couple of weeks in the DC area, visiting monuments and memorials. We have been hoping for cool autumn weather in Washington, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards as of the latest forecast.

Once back home I hope to start on my next big project, writing another book that I have been carrying around in my head for a long time. It will be called “Stories I Can Tell Now That Mama’s Gone.” As with “Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet,” I have notes that I made over the years. The job will be to flesh them out and put them in some sort of order, which is the hard part, as they are really jumbled up. Until then, I will be posting our travels to DC and back.

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