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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Washington DC

It’s time to catch everyone up from our stop in Durham. We spent four nights in Norfolk, VA while attending the 2nd Battalion 11th Field Artillery Regiment reunion. It was the 50th anniversary for those who left Fort Campbell, KY with the battalion to travel to Vietnam. The weather cooperated with the rain stopping as the reunion activities began.

We left Norfolk Sunday morning for College Park, MD, just outside of Washington DC. The drive around the Beltway (I-495) was the worst traffic in which I have ever driven the motorhome. I never expected there to be so much traffic on a Sunday! I absolutely dread the thought of getting back onto it when we leave in two weeks.

Yesterday we rested up and went to a one-hour presentation by the RV park on how to get around in DC. The most important thing I learned was not to even attempt to drive your vehicle in DC. Learning how to ride the subway and buses is a must and for a country boy it is very scary! Getting on the wrong subway line (blue, yellow, green, etc.) or bus (all have numbered routes) can put you in God only knows where.

Two old friends of Carol Ann’s are flying in to Reagan National tomorrow. They will be staying in one of the RV park’s cabins for five days so we can all tour around together. Carol Ann and I will test our subway and bus riding lessons by meeting them at the airport and accompanying them back to the RV park. If DC was a clock, the RV park is just outside the beltway at about 1:00 with Reagan National at about 6:00. It should be a little over an hour each way, using subway and buses. Wish us luck.

Today we may take a practice run into the city just to make sure we know how to find the subway. Wish us luck!

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