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Monday, June 17, 2013

Lobsters are Butt Ugly!

We went on the lobster cruise this afternoon and Captain John managed to find some for us.  He pulled up one of his lobster traps, pulled out a couple of lobsters and proceeded to give us about an hour long lecture on lobster anatomy.  I didn’t take notes because he told us we could find everything we ever wanted to know about lobsters on (I haven’t checked it out yet so can not confirm what he said).

I have to tell you something.  I have never eaten a lobster.  I have never even tasted one that I can remember.  Why have I never eaten one?  Before I answer that let me ask you a question.  “Why would anyone WANT to eat one?”  I’ll give you several reasons why I don’t care to eat one:

1.  I have never been able to get past their looks.  They are butt ugly creatures that look like large insects of some kind.  Put it in my mouth?  You have to be joking! 

2.  I’m not sure I want to eat something that was boiled alive!  That is such a horrible way to go.  It wouldn’t be hard to feel sorry for these things if they weren’t so unattractive.

3.  I don’t want to eat anything if I have to use tools purchased from Home Depot in order to disassemble and rip them apart.

4.  I’ve been told, “It’s the butter!” that makes them taste good.  Fine, I’ll just eat the butter, maybe on bread.  It will be a lot cheaper!

Aside from lobsters, the weather and the cruise were nice.  We did see a lighthouse, some harbor seals, and a couple of bald eagles.  There were also some obscenely ostentatious “cottages” along the coast.  Huge and grossly expensive, they may be used for only a few weeks out of the year. 

Bar Harbor is a small “fishing” town that is becoming more and more of a “tourist” town by cashing in on the fishing theme.  It is certainly a very nice looking little town.  I guess you could call it “cute”.  There are a lot of eating, drinking, and shopping establishments and the town is very neat, clean, and fresh looking.  

In the residential areas, some of the houses look like the roofer got carried away and didn’t stop once he finished with the roof.  The shingles continue right down the sides of the houses to the foundation.

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