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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reversing Rapids

It was only about a 62-mile drive this morning to St. John, NB, which was a blessing as I was not at 100%.  We were the next to last RV leaving but the drive was made easier by a brand new divided highway over the entire distance. 

We are currently in a 22,000-acre city park; designed by the same landscape architect who designed Central Park in NYC, except Central Park is ONLY about 12,000 acres.  There are seven lakes/ponds in the park plus numerous hiking and horse trails.  The RV parking area is quite large with what looks to be about 100 sites.  We have water and electricity but no sewage.  There is a dumpsite that we can use if necessary.  We shouldn’t need it for the two days we spend here. 

This afternoon we went on a bus tour of the city.  It’s old and there is a lot of industry but it does have some nice areas.  The main draw here is the Bay of Fundy with its 30-foot tides at this part of the bay.  The St. John River empties into the Bay of Fundy and during high tide the river reverses and salt water can be tasted 60 miles up river, if you drink river water.  There is a narrow portion of the river that during high tide will have Class 5 rapids flowing away from the bay.  At low tide the water reverses and there are rapids going back towards the bay.  At “slack tide”, which is halfway between high and low tides when the bay and river levels are the same, the river is as calm as a pond.  Tomorrow we are going out on a boat to see what its like.

The day after tomorrow we will leave St. John for Hopewell Cape, NB about 107 miles further north.  We will go out to see Flower Pot Rocks where the tide is 50 feet!  At low tide you can go out and walk around the rocks on the ocean floor.  Then you go back at high tide and see the difference that 50 feet of water makes.  I’ve seen pictures on the Internet and it’s pretty awesome.

The Wi-Fi here is very “iffy” so this may not get posted tonight as intended.  When we go out to dinner tonight I will take the laptop with me and try and find a hotspot.

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