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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tonight's Post Has Been Cancelled Due to Illness

I have been fighting a cold for more than a week now and am in the third day (I believe) of a toothache.  The cold is almost gone and is now the least of my problems.  I began taking an antibiotic when the tooth pain first began.  That and the Tylenol Extra Strength seemed to be doing the job until yesterday afternoon.  That’s when the tooth pain was kicked up a notch or two and I had to forgo the trip out to Minister’s Island.  To add misery to pain, I became nauseated before bedtime and was hugging the toilet in no time, or as we use to say in my younger days, “Praying to the porcelain goddess and calling Ralph!” 

With the tooth still aching I finally had to resort to some Vicodin ES that was left over from Carol Ann’s hip replacement last spring.  I started with half of a tablet and then the second half of the tablet and then still another half.  This morning I was no better and had to cancel out of the morning’s bus tour and lunch.  While I was still in bed, Carol Ann found a dentist that would see me at 11:30AM.  While sitting in the chair waiting for him I informed the attendant that I was nauseated (“I’M GOING TO THROW UP!!!”) and she offered me a receptacle (“HERE’S A BUCKET!!!”) and handed me the trashcan.  After 3 such episodes and an x-ray the dentist gave me a prescription for a new antibiotic and recommended an OTC anti-nausea medicine.

We returned to the motorhome where I promptly returned to bed.  It is now 8:30PM and I have been up about an hour, managing to eat some scrambled eggs.  Now it’s back to bed and hoping that tomorrow will come up roses because we will be driving to our next stop, fortunately only 72 miles distant.

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