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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Weather and I Are Just Fine, Thank You

This morning the weather and I were both better.  However, it was time to leave this campground as we had only made reservations for 3 nights and they were up. For the entire time we have been here either the weather or I have been miserable. We still weren’t ready to leave the White Mountains so we just moved about 11 miles up the road to a KOA.  It is really a nice campground.  It’s situated on the banks of a river with lots of trees.  

While we were at Echo Lake I rigged up the busted TV antenna by duct taping it to the top of my 6-foot stepladder and connecting the TV cable.  We got excellent reception of several over-the-air channels; actually better reception than before it was torn from the roof.  I don’t think I will worry about re-installing it until we get home. Country-come-to-town.

After we were setup at the KOA the sun went away and dark clouds moved in but so far it has not rained, even though it looks as if it could pour down at any moment.  We went of a short drive to Bath after lunch and visited the USA’s oldest general store, which is still open for business.  Behind it was a covered bridge but it was being renovated and was covered in plastic sheeting.  

We continued our drive through Lisbon to Woodsville to see another covered bridge, the Haverhill – Bath Covered Bridge.  It was in continuous use from 1829 until 1999.  Foot traffic is all that is now allowed on the bridge.

We found a Walmart about 4PM and purchased more supplies before heading back to the KOA. Tomorrow we will drive the 100-mile White Mountain Trail Loop, which includes the very scenic Kancamangus Highway.  

Now, time for a glass of wine before dinner.  By the way, I meant to mention this a few days ago but forgot.  I can’t remember if it was in Connecticut or New Hampshire, but one of them has highway Service Plazas that are kind of like rest areas or welcome centers on steroids.  They include fuel, groceries, AND a package store!  I guess if you are running low on fuel, food, or booze you just pull into the Service Plaza and fill up on all three.

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